French Spine Endoscopy Course
French Spine
March 21, 22, 23, 2024
Convention Center, Grasse, French Riviera


We are inviting an orthopedists and neurosurgeons, spinal surgery specialists to take part in the annual Congress of Spinal Endoscopy. There you will meet the world’s specialists in monoportal endoscopy and UBE.

Endoscopic approach of the spine started many years ago with the video-assisted approach and gained in popularity progressively. The introduction of the full saline flow 1O years ago modified completely the strategy and new techniques allow now to perform more and more complex procedures with a minimal invasive approach.

This course objective is to provide participants the best knowledge about theses new approaches to allow them to treat their patients with the most advanced and safe procedures. Worldwide specialists will present their experience and provide the tip and tricks to facilitate the learning curve and they will share their experience. Live surgeries will be transmitted and cad-lab will allow participants to learn these new techniques with the technologies provided by the most advanced companies on the market.

We are glad to welcome you in Grasse the “city of perfume” located in Provence Cote d’Azur, close to Nice international airport in march 21, 22, 23, 2024 for this international conference .

The initiator and organizer of the congress is Dr. Maxim Challali, a specialist with many years of experience.

the programme

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